Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend at the Age 27

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You want to find a birthday gift for your girlfriend that will make her happy and let her know how much you care about her. In order to make her 27th birthday special, you will want to find her a gift that she will enjoy. Be sure to make it personalized so that she feels that you not only know her well, but that you also took a lot of thought when picking out her gift. You want her 27th birthday to be one that she will never forget.


Let your girlfriend know that you cherish the time that you spend together by giving her pictures of special moments. Try putting a picture of the two of you in a frame with the words "Happy Birthday" engraved, or if you are very serious, try a frame with the words "I Love You" engraved. If you are unable to pick just one photo, try a collage frame in which you can insert multiple pictures of the both of you, or order a whole album of pictures through an online photograph store such as Snapfish or Shutterfly.


Allow your girlfriend to show off a token of your love by purchasing jewelry for her 27th birthday. Try a heart necklace or a charm bracelet with a heart charm. For a more personalized gift, buy an engraved necklace or bracelet with a message such as "I love you" or "Happy 27th Birthday Sweetie!" If you are looking for an extravagant gift, a pair of diamond earrings are always classy.

Weekend Getaway

A romantic weekend getaway is a perfect way to celebrate a birthday and plan alone time with your girlfriend. Find a romantic place and be sure to plan at least one romantic dinner and one couple's activity such as a couple's massage. If you are surprising her, be sure to check her calendar beforehand so that you can be certain that she will be free that weekend.

Theater Tickets

Purchase two tickets to a show for you and your girlfriend to celebrate this special occasion. If you do not have access to Broadway shows, try calling local colleges or theaters to see what type of shows they are offering. Don't forget to make reservations for a special dinner before or after the show.