Gifts That Fit Inside Birthday Cards

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Looking for a small token of affection to put inside a birthday card? There are a number of options, ranging from pricey gifts to novelty presents, that are compact enough to fit inside a card, yet are festive enough to be birthday appropriate. With a little thought, a small gift can be just as meaningful as a more ostentatious present.

Gift Cards

One birthday-card-sized present option is a gift card or certificate from the birthday boy or girl's favorite store. Electronics, clothing or department store gift cards let the recipient select his or her own gift, while showing that the giver is aware of the person's likes and dislikes. If you can't decide on one store to select a gift card from, banks and companies such as TD Bank and Visa provide cash gift cards. These work like debit cards and can be used at any store.

Custom Gifts

When looking for a little extra something to add to a birthday card, a personalized trinket works well. From buttons to custom M&Ms, personalized gifts are an affordable and fun addition to any birthday card. Depending on what you choose to personalize, gift costs can range from a few dollars for a custom button to a few hundred for an engraved necklace, charm, locket or bracelet. A few ideas for custom gifts include personalized M&Ms--short messages and the person's face can be etched on the small candies--or a personalized heart and key locket that inscribed with a romantic message.

Engraved Bookmarks

Another small gift that can be included in a birthday card is an engraved bookmark. Engraved bookmarks come in a number of colors, patterns, shapes and designs, and are an especially good gift idea for an avid reader and bookworm. The bookmarks can range in price between $15 and $30 and can sometimes be personalized for an additional fee. If engraved bookmarks don't strike your fancy, then beaded or other decorative bookmarks are also a good choice for a birthday card present.