Christian Novelty Gift Ideas for a Prayer Breakfast

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Prayer breakfasts can be lighthearted companionable affairs or more solemn and formal events. Regardless of the tone, Christian novelty gifts are charming favors for attendees of any age and can further the theme of the prayer breakfast, serving as reminders of the discussion and formation that took place. Novelty gifts can also be customized with the date of the prayer breakfast, the name — or names — of the individual(s) attending or an invitation to a subsequent prayer breakfast.


Rosaries can be an ideal gift for Catholic prayer breakfasts and can be customized with themed beads, colored cord or specific medals and crucifixes. Handmade rosaries consisting of plastic beads and cord are inexpensive, quick crafts to make.


For many, a candle serves as a reminder of God's light. Christians often consider a candle as a light unto the world and display it as a constant presence in their homes. You may choose to give a candle as a gift and add a Scripture quote or the organization's insignia to the candle holder. Personalizing the candles is as easy as printing out labels on your home computer.

Pocket Reminders

Items such as rocks with crosses or inspirational words etched into them, as well as coins or similar small medals, are portable and tiny enough to carry in a pocket or purse. Another symbol of Christianity, rocks are especially helpful as an illustrative tool as well as a souvenir, gift or memento.

Prayer Cards and Bookmarks

Bookmarks customized with the name of your church or organization, or designed to fit the Scriptures and theme of your breakfast, are gifts that can be used after the event. They can also serve as advertisements or reminders for the next prayer breakfast. On the other hand, prayer cards emblazoned with your church's or organization's insignia and featuring prayers from the breakfast are portable reminders and daily worship tools. Select a neutral image if your goal is to make the item usable throughout the year or decide on a holiday-themed image for special occasion breakfasts.

Miniature Journals

Small notebooks for use as prayer journals are inexpensive and, like many other novelty items, relatively inexpensive when purchased in bulk. Choose a neutral or universal image that can be used for multiple events.