Episcopal Ordination Gifts

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Everyone enjoys receiving a special gift or souvenir by which to remember an important day in his life. Mark the ordination of a colleague, friend or family member into the ministry of the Episcopal Church with a gift that will help him recall the occasion fondly and perhaps assist him in his future service to God.

Book of Common Prayer

Buy a gift edition of the historic Book of Common Prayer. Anglicans have used this book of prayers, readings and services since the time of the Reformation. Not all modern Episcopal churches use this in everyday worship, but its contents connect readers with the faith of their forebears in the faith. The Book of Common Prayer has value for the new deacon or priest's devotional life.

Liturgical Vestments

An ordained minister in the Episcopal Church wears several types of garment while leading worship. She wears a stole--a long, thin strip of cloth--around the neck or across the shoulder. She wears a chasuble--an often-decorative and colorful outer garment, like a short cloak--while celebrating the Eucharist (Holy Communion).

A gifted seamstress can make these, or you can buy them from a specialist store. Expect to pay up to several hundred dollars for high-quality vestments.


Historically, Christians have used icons as a focus and inspiration for prayer and meditation. These small pieces of art, usually pictures, portray religious themes or figures, such as Jesus Christ, saints, and Bible characters and scenes. A new Episcopal priest will find an icon a useful prayer aid as he develops his own private devotional practices alongside public worship.

Magazine and Newspaper Subscriptions

The Episcopal pastor needs to keep up with what's happening in the wider church and in the world. Magazines such as Christian Century, Episcopal Life and Living Church are aimed at clergy in the Episcopal Church and other mainline denominations.

Non-Religious Gifts

An ordination gift need not be religious. Episcopal clergy need to take time out from the demands of ministry. Many new priests would enjoy a recipe book, a CD of relaxing music, a vintage wine, an aromatherapy set or an interesting coffee table book to help them unwind.