Role of a Godmother During a Confirmation

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A godmother has a special place in the life of the child she sponsors. One of the most important responsibilities that a godmother has is to offer spiritual support to the child by being present at his baptism. A godmother also plays an important role as the child grows and reaches an age where he can become confirmed. Confirmation builds a connection to the sacrament of baptism and is an important event in the life of a child. If your godchild is preparing to become confirmed, there are several important jobs you have to help prepare him to make this holy commitment.


One of your most important responsibilities as a godmother is to pray for your godchild. Beginning at baptism, you, as the godmother, are accepting responsibility to ensure that your godchild is brought up knowing the love of the Lord. As your godchild approaches his confirmation, pray that he accepts the true meaning of taking communion and that he continues to walk with God as he takes part in this sacred ceremony. You might also pray for difficulties your godchild is facing and for guidance as you take part in his confirmation ceremony.

Provide Access to Religious Resources

Because you have accepted the responsibility to make sure your godchild knows God, giving him religious resources is an effective way to enhance his education about his faith. Give him a gift of a Bible appropriate for his age. Mark a few of your favorite passages to share with him. Books, DVDs and computer software that educate about communion and what it means in your religion are also appropriate gifts. Time is another important gift you can give your godchild. Set aside time to discuss your godchild's faith, offer support and encouragement and read the Bible together.


Take part in your godchild's confirmation preparation. Help his parents plan a celebration or meal to commemorate this important milestone in his spiritual life. Discuss your role in your godchild's life with him and ask him what you can do to help him get ready for his first communion. Go to church together and watch others take communion. After the service, explain to your godchild what each component means and why it is important to God. Use appropriate Bible verses to support your discuss. Attend readiness classes with your godchild and be available to answer his questions as he prepares. Depending on your church, you may also be required to sign a commitment or perform other duties related to confirmation.


After your godchild has been confirmed, your job is not complete. For the rest of your godchild's life, you have a responsibility to make sure he continues to attend church and regularly receive communion. Attend church with your godchild. If you do not attend the same church, go with him occasionally and invite him to join you periodically. Let your godchild know that you will continue to pray for him, and that you are always available to answer questions and talk about his faith.