Can You Wear a Rosary As a Necklace?

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The Holy Rosary can be worn as a necklace, as men and women belonging to religious orders often do. However, the rosary is a religious item and not a fashion accessory. It is a good way for Christians to be able to pray any time, at any place, throughout the day.

Powerful Sacramental

The rosary, upon being blessed by a Catholic priest, becomes a powerful sacramental, a way to obtain blessings and protection. It is recommended that you have your rosary beads blessed by a priest after purchasing them.

Sign of Devotion

Rosaries are good evangelistic tools, as they are visible signs of an individual's devotion and love for God and the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a good, constant reminder to the wearer and to those he encounters of Jesus' life and passion, as depicted in the holy mysteries.

Reasons for Wearing

Be sure to check your motives for wearing a rosary necklace. Many people wear the rosary as a mere fashion accessory, unmindful of its true meaning and without real devotion to it. This is considered blasphemous and sacrilegious. So be sure to wear one for the right reasons.

Cross Necklace Alternatives

An alternative to rosary necklaces is the cross necklace. It resembles the rosary but does not contain a complete set of rosary beads.