How to Tie a Hachimaki

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Hachimaki is a part of the Japanese culture and means "helmet-scarf.” It is a headband usually made of a white or red strip of cloth. Wear the hachimaki as a symbol of effort or perseverance. It keeps your hair and perspiration out of your eyes and in ancient times was used to ward off evil spirits. The hachimaki served as a mental stimulation for expressing determination. It is worn during political demonstration in the street, strenuous activities — such as carrying a shrine at festivals — and by students who are studying. A hachimaki generally has the rising sun motif and an inspirational slogan printed on the front.

Hold the hachimaki in your hands. Grip one end of the hachimaki with each hand. Be sure the image or printed side is facing away from you.

Bring your arms back towards your face and position the hachimaki on your forehead with the printed side facing outward.

Cross the ends of the hachimaki over each other and form an "X."

Make a tie behind your head by putting one end of the hachimaki through the hole in the "X" you formed. Pull the end through the hole, grip one end in each hand and pull the hachimaki tighter around your head. A knot is not necessary if you have enough slack in your hachimaki to keep it in place.