How Men Wear a Bandanna

Men can wear a bandanna in a variety of ways. The square piece of cloth can keep long hair off of your forehead or simply make a fashion statement. Wear one on your head, around the neck and on the wrist. An alternative to headbands and wristbands, a bandanna is useful during exercise, too.

On the Wrist

Wrap the bandanna around the wrist during a workout. This turns the bandanna into a wristband or sweatband that can be used to wipe your forehead during exercise -- or whenever you're perspiring a lot. Wearing a bandanna on the wrist can also be a casual fashion statement. Adjust the width of the bandanna for different looks.

On the Neck

Tie a bandanna around your neck like a scarf to complement a T-shirt and leather jacket look. Bandannas can serve as a neck cooler or warmer, depending on how they are tied. As popularized by cowboys in old western films, bandannas give outfits an extra touch.

Skull Cap Fold

Wear a bandanna as a skull cap to keep your head cool and out of the sun in warm conditions. To create the style, simply fold the bandanna diagonally, place the long side along your forehead, pull the ends around the back and tie. Tuck in any extra fabric. Body builders wear bandannas in the skull cap style to the gym, as the material is good at soaking up sweat.

Headband style

Wear a bandanna as a headband. Fold the bandana into a long rectangle, wrap it around the head and tie it around the back to collect sweat and keep hair off of the forehead and face. Bandannas are an easy-to-use gym accessory for athletes and a stylish way for men with longer hair to keep their bangs off of the forehead.