How to Put Dreads in a Bun

Mountain man in dreadlocks

wanderluster/iStock/Getty Images

Dreadlocks are long ropes of hair made by knotting individual sections and allowing them to harden over a period of months. Although the most common way to wear dreads is long and loose, sometimes you want to pull them out of your face. In hot weather or when working out, piling your dreads into a bun is often more comfortable than leaving them down. Using your dreads to hide the rubber band makes a clean, neat style.

Secure your dreads in a high ponytail using an elastic headband. Because dread ponytails are usually very thick, using a headband that looks like a ponytail elastic, available in most drugstores and chain retail stores, allows you to gather them all into a single bunch. Wrap the elastic two or three times around your ponytail, depending on how thick your ponytail is.

Twist your dreads from roots to ends, leaving two dreads hanging loose at the bottom of the ponytail.

Tuck the ends into the bottom underside of the bun, securing them beneath the bottom of the elastic.

Wrap the two loose dreads around the bun, pulling up from the bottom and tying at the top. To tie your dreads, wrap them around each other like you would in the first step of tying a shoelace. Pull them tight to help keep the bun lifted and secure.

Tuck the loose dreads beneath the bottom of the bun, securing them in the elastic or tucking them into the bun itself.