How to Wear a Headband Without Hurting Your Head

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Wearing one or two headbands can dress up a plain hairstyle, but a band that fits too tightly can be painful to wear. Over time, some women experience pressure around the soft areas above the ear or near the temples. You can prevent pain from headbands by avoiding the molded types and choosing different band styles that alleviate pressure. With a comfortable headband, you can wear your hair accessories for the entire day without removing them.

Slide on a rubber headband. The rubber grips the hair and keeps it in place without putting a lot of tension on your head. Rubber headbands come in patterns or shapes such as zig-zags or flowers.

Stretch metal headbands by grasping both sides and pulling on them slightly. Avoid stretching the metal too far. Do not attempt to stretch plastic headbands; they can break and snap.

Hot glue felt or fleece pads to the inside tips of the headband to offset contact pain.

Pull an elastic headband around your head to secure strays back from a ponytail or bun. Position the elastic two inches from your forehead and pin the accessory into place. The bobby pins will keep the headband from moving around.

Tie on a stylish scarf-style headband. Cinch the scarf at the base of your head and adjust the tie for comfort.