How to Make Croakies Fit

Goodshoot RF/Goodshoot/Getty Images

If you've ever lost your sunglasses or looked for a place to put them when you took them off, a Croakie might be what you need. Croakie is a brand name for straps or strings that attach to sunglasses to keep them on your head or around your neck. These accessories come in a wide variety of materials, colors and designs. There are several means of adjusting Croakies so you can find the fit you need.

Attach the ends of the Croakie to the arms (sides) of your sunglasses. Some Croakies have a rubbery type of attachment on each end that looks like a small tube. For this type of Croakie, gently work the end of the tube onto each end of your sunglasses arms. With gentle, steady pressure and a little wiggling, you can slide these rubbery attachments about an inch up each arm of your shades.

Secure loop-style Croakies. These Croakies feature small plastic loops at each end of the strap or string. Slide the arm of the sunglasses through the loop until the loop is past the bend in the arm. Then push the tiny circle at the bottom of the loop upward to make the loop fit snugly on the arm. Do this for both arms.

Place the attached Croakie strap around your neck with the shades hanging in front. Check to see if this length is what you want for the resting position of the shades. For adjusting the length, many Croakies have a plastic ball where the two sections of strap join together. Press the button on this ball and slide it toward the shades to tighten the strap or away from the sunglasses to loosen the strap. If your Croakies don't have the ball, simply slide the ends of the strap farther up the arms of your glasses to tighten.

Place the sunglasses on your face and reach behind you to slide the adjustable ball all the way to your head if you want the shades to fit snugly to your face during sports or other activities that involve lots of motion.