How to Make a Fishing Lanyard for Sunglasses

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Fishing lanyards keep fishing lures were they can easily be found: hanging around your neck. Such lanyards do double duty, providing a way to hang sunglasses around your neck as well. A lanyard makes it easy to find sunglasses whenever you need to suddenly put them on or take them off. Fishing line works well to make a lanyard for sunglasses because it's transparent and easy to tie in knots.

Unroll the fishing line to 36 inches and cut it with scissors.

Cut the 36-inch piece of fishing line eight inches from each end, reserving the smaller pieces for the sunglasses. Secure a snap swivel to each end of the remaining fishing line by tying a double knot around the ring. The snap swivels will hold your fishing lures.

Secure each of the 8-inch pieces of fishing line to a swivel snap by tying a double knot around a ring. The pieces will hang from the snap swivels.

Tie the ends of the 8-inch pieces of fishing line to the narrower edge of the sunglasses earpiece, just in front of the tip, by tying a double knot around the earpiece. Because the tip usually is thicker than the earpiece, the fishing lanyard will not come off.

Decorate the lanyard by sliding beads on the fishing line before tying the knots.