How to Use Eyeglass Strings

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Eyeglass strings are a great help if your glasses are loose and keep slipping off, or if you live a very active lifestyle. The goal of this simple device is to help you keep track of your glasses and prevent them from falling off. Retailers sell eyewear cords in various designs, materials and colors.

Pick an eyeglass string that is long enough to fit comfortably around your neck. It should also be long enough to hang in front of you, at least to a point about halfway down your chest.

Slip the plastic holders at the ends of the string onto the ends of the eyeglass arms. Some eyeglass retainers have pockets at the ends of the strings instead of plastic holders. The pockets fit snugly around the eyeglass arms.

Slip the eyeglass strings, now with glasses attached, over your head. Let the string rest around your neck with your glasses in front of you. When you put the glasses on, a portion of the string remains around the back of your neck. If you wish to take your glasses off temporarily, bring them down to your chest and release them so they can hang from the eyeglass string.