How to Wear Swimming Goggles

by Tricia Ross

Swimming goggles help protect your eyes and allow you to see better underwater, advantages for both recreational and competitive swimmers. Using goggles can increase your enjoyment of the water but only if they fit correctly and are worn the right way. Incorrectly worn goggles will lead to water leakage against your eyes, potentially irritating them, and will cause vision distortion.

Go to a shop where you can try on several styles of goggles. The lenses of goggles can come in many different shapes to fit against your orbital socket in different ways. Choose from flat lenses and rounded ones. If you race, you may want to look into smaller goggles that fit within the orbital socket. Select goggles that feel comfortable against your face and don't place pressure against your eyeballs.

Hold the lenses against your eye sockets with one hand while you pull the goggle strap up and over your head to rest comfortably against the back of your head. The straps should rest above your ears. Use the buckles on the side straps to adjust the fit until the goggles form a comfortable seal against your skin.

Use your fingers to sweep your hair free of the straps near your face. Run your fingers across your forehead to check for hair that may be trapped beneath your goggles. Trapped hair that breaks the seal between your skin and the goggles may lead to water leakage as you're swimming.

Wear your goggles beneath your swim cap if you're using one. Placing the goggles underneath the cap will keep them more firmly in place against your head and streamline your swim. If your goggles are knocked off your face for some reason, your cap will prevent them from being lost in the pool.


  • Your goggles should create a watertight seal. They should fit snugly enough to create a suction seal but not so snugly that they cause pain or distort your vision. To get the proper suction, choosing goggles that match the shape of your eye sockets is essential.

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