How to Clean Swim Goggles

by Marie Mulrooney

There’s no specific cleaner for swim goggle lenses--in fact, the lenses aren’t meant to be touched at all, so your best way of keeping goggles clean is careful use and care. Never touch the goggle lenses with your fingers as this may leave behind debris or oil from your skin. Always rinse your goggles after use; this helps remove chlorine and other pool chemicals that may damage your goggles over time, and is also the only regular cleaning procedure recommended.

Rinse the swimming goggles--inside and outside of the lenses, eye cups, straps and all--in cool, clear running water. Tap water is fine unless it’s highly chlorinated. If you don’t have access to clear running water, dip the goggles in a container of cool, clear water several times to rinse them.

Moisten your fingers in soapy water--dish soap works fine--and rub the goggle straps as needed to clean them, being very careful to keep the soapy water from coming into contact with the goggle lenses or eye cups. On some, but not all swimming goggles, you will be able to remove the straps to make this process easier.

Rinse the goggle straps thoroughly again to remove any traces of soap. Keep the goggle straps below the goggle eye cups at all times as you do this to help prevent the lenses or eye cups coming into contact with the soap. If you do get soap on the eye cups, rinse them thoroughly as well.

Hang the goggles on a hook until completely dry, in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight.


  • If you absolutely must touch your goggle lenses to clean them, rinse them first, then wipe with a soft, lint-free cloth, and rinse again at the end of the cleaning process.

    Storing your goggles in a pouch or case will help keep them not only clean but also scratch-free.

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