How to Put on Padded Bike Shorts

competor/athletic in road cycle racing image by L. Shat from

Many cyclists wear form-fitting, padded bike shorts designed to remove moisture and prevent chafing. The padding in bike shorts will not eliminate all bike seat problems or discomfort, but it can make your riding experience more enjoyable. Padded bike shorts must fit tightly against your skin in order to function properly. You must also wear them correctly for best results.

Remove your underwear and slip the bike shorts on as you would a swimsuit. Putting underwear between your skin and your bike shorts will cause chafing and negate the purpose of the padded shorts.

Pull the shorts all the way up so that they fit tightly around your waist and thighs.

Position the chamois padding against the part of your body that rests against the bike seat. If you have shorts in the right size, the chamois should remain fixed in place rather than sliding around.