How to Use Plastic Pants & Cloth Diapers for Chronic Bedwetting

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Depending on how old your child is, chronic bedwetting could be a serious or not-so-serious problem. For a younger child, such as preschool age, bedwetting could simply be a sign that she is not totally potty-trained yet, and that is okay. She will probably outgrow the problem within a few weeks or months. For an older child, it might be a sign of something more significant, such as an emotional or physiological problem, and you should speak to a doctor to gain some insight.

Whatever the cause, the result of the problem is that you are stuck cleaning up a messy, wet bed and a messy, wet child night after night and no one is happy. Using a combination of a cloth diaper with plastic pants can solve the problem temporarily. The cloth diaper will get wet, leaving the child uncomfortable so she trains herself to wake up and go to the bathroom to avoid the wet feeling. At the same time, the pants will protect her pajamas, sheet and mattress, leaving less work for you.

Wrap the cloth diaper in place around your child. The diaper can be wrapped by placing a section behind your child, running the rest through her legs and bringing it up in front. Then secure the sides with knots or safety pins.

Pull the plastic pants over the cloth diaper.

Put on your child's regular pajamas, as usual.