Kelty Kids Instructions

Kelty Kids backpack child carriers are useful for activities such as shopping and hiking, especially when you must walk in places where a stroller cannot go. Learning how to properly use your Kelty Kids carrier ensures that both you and your child remain safe. You can secure your child and make the proper adjustments to your carrier by following a few steps.

Tighten the two tension straps, which are located behind the adult shoulder straps, by pulling down on them. This will minimize movement of the "cockpit" area where you will place your child.

Unlock the buckle on the waist belt. Loosen the belt, shoulder straps and sternum strap.

Put the carrier on much like you would a normal backpack: Put each arm through a shoulder strap.

Tighten the waist belt by pulling its strap inward, then tighten the shoulder straps by pulling down on them. When finished with the adjustments, remove the carrier.

Put the carrier on the ground and unbuckle the child shoulder harnesses.

Place your child into the carrier's cockpit area. Make sure each leg goes through the provided leg openings.

Pull the child shoulder harness down over your child's shoulders and connect the buckles. Adjust the shoulder harness and leg straps so that they secure your child but remain comfortable.

Grab the handles at the front and rear of the carrier and lift the carrier so that it rests on your lower thigh.

Place an arm through one of the shoulder straps, lift the carrier off your knee with that shoulder, then place your other arm through the other strap.

Tighten the waist belt and shoulder straps so that the carrier is secured to your body.