How to Loosen a Tight Bra

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According to experts, nearly 80 percent of women wear the wrong bra size. Children, general weight gain or discomfort after surgery are all very common reasons to adjust a tight bra for correct fit. Making these adjustments has a direct impact on comfort, breast health and even the way clothes fit over top. Fortunately, most bras are very quick to adjust, although you probably won't have to all that often.

Put on the bra, selecting one of the three adjustment positions on the back to fit the piece snugly around your body.

Locate the small square clips on each shoulder strap.

Slide the clip up each strap, until the bra is comfortably loose and you have even support.

Tighten the bra -- if you loosen it too much -- by pulling down on the front straps.

Check for fit by attempting to insert a finger underneath the bra. If you cannot or it feels too loose, make small adjustments to the straps and main band.