How to Change the Diaper of a Bedridden Patient

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Disposable adult diapers are a convenience for someone who is bedridden, but changing the diaper of a bedridden patient can be a challenge when you do not have much experience doing it, especially if the person is larger than you. Changing an adult's diaper is different from changing a baby's---you cannot simply lift the patient's legs over his/her head and slip the new diaper under the patient. With a bit of practice, though, you will become an expert in no time.

Wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. You may come in contact with urine or fecal matter; you do not want to dirty your hands.

Remove the patient's pants, if he/she is wearing any. Take off the entire pants, rather than simply rolling them down to his/her knees.

Roll the patient onto his/her side. He/she may be able to help you do this. You may have to lift slightly him/her to place the patient in the center of the bed to keep the patient from falling out of the bed.

Peek inside the diaper. An adult diaper contains urine, but you will have to take more care if he/she has had a bowel movement.

Undo the sides of the diaper.

Open the diaper and fold it down to contain the dirty area.

Clean the diaper area using adult wipes. You will need to lift his/her leg to reach all areas.

Roll the patient onto his/her other side.

Pick up the diaper. With the patient on his/her other side, it should be easy to do this.

Double-check the diaper area and clean more, if necessary.

Open a new diaper up and lay it open behind the patient. The side of the diaper should be approximately where his/her hip will lay when you roll him/her over again.

Roll the patient back onto the original side.

Pull out the other side of the diaper so that it is laying flat.

Lay the patient on his/her back.

Pull up the front of the diaper through his/her legs and attach the diaper front at the sides.

Pull up his/her pants.