How to Turn Boxer Briefs Into Briefs

Thomas Northcut/Lifesize/Getty Images

Whether you're looking for a customized pair of underwear or simply a creative sewing project, you can transform a pair of boxer briefs into briefs. It takes just a few steps to alter your boxer briefs into a pair of shorter, more form-fitting underwear. The top half of the design will stay the same. All you need to do is change the length of the garment's bottom half. This custom pair of briefs can be designed in any style you choose to create the kind of underwear you prefer.

Wash and dry the boxer briefs before you begin working with them. When they're dry, iron out any wrinkles.

Try on the boxer briefs and decide where you want the leg holes of the briefs to be. Briefs typically go from under the crotch, over the top of the leg, and around the back to completely cover the buttocks. Yet these are your own custom briefs, so design them however they would make you most comfortable. Mark the line where you want the underwear to stop using a piece of chalk.

Cut the boxer briefs just below the chalk line you drew. You'll want to leave a little extra fabric, about a half-inch of it, that can be used to create the hem.

Line a piece of thin elastic, about 1/4- or 1/8-inch thick, all the way around both leg openings. This stretchy material will ensure the briefs don't sag around the legs and crotch when they're completed.

Fold the cut edges of the briefs underneath themselves, closing the elastic inside. Pin the hem in place.

Sew the hem of the briefs on a sewing machine. Hold the elastic piece in place with your finger as you guide the fabric through the sewing machine. Bring the needle and thread through the elastic and the folded fabric.

Try on your new briefs and see how they fit.