How to Avoid a Whale Tale

A popular urban slang term, a whale tale is the cross strap of a pair of thong or G-string panties that remains visible above the cut of the wearer's pants. While a whale tale can be fashionable under the right circumstances, some girls prefer to avoid them, instead opting for a look that's a little less risqué. Read on to learn more.

Shop carefully when choosing the thong you want to buy. Some thong styles are designed so that the waistband rests a little higher. If you want to avoid a whale tale, you should buy a thong that rests lower on your hips, which will make it easier for you to cover it with your jeans or pants.

Keep in mind that your thong is only one half of the equation when it comes to whether or not you're showing a whale tale. The other half is your jeans or pants. Buy jeans that rest higher on your body, or compensate by wearing your thong lower if you prefer the look of low-rise jeans.

Wear a shirt that rests below the level that the waistline of your pants sits at. By definition, you need to be showing midriff in order for a whale tale to be visible. One sure way to avoid a whale tale, even if the waistband of your thong rests above the waistline of your jeans, is to make sure the top you're wearing covers everything.

Add a belt as an accessory to your outfit to make sure that everything stays where you put it. Often, girls unwittingly show a whale tale when their jeans sink a little lower than where they were sitting at the beginning of the day.

Wear a skirt instead of jeans or pants when you have your thong on. Skirts generally fit more snugly around a woman's waistline, making it less likely that it will shift around to reveal the waistband of your panties.

Consider switching to another type of underwear if you just can't seem to avoid a whale tale no matter what you try. Standard panties tend to have tighter fitting, more elastic waistbands that stay where you put them.