What Top to Wear With Grey Sweatpants

by Jennifer Blair
Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey pairs loose, grey sweats with a cropped black T-shirt for a sexy, balanced look.

Singer-songwriter Skylar Grey pairs loose, grey sweats with a cropped black T-shirt for a sexy, balanced look.

Grey sweatpants definitely earn high marks for comfort, but they're not usually the most stylish pants option. If you want to make your sweats look a little more stylish, switching up your top is an easy way to do it. Forget pairing it with a traditional matching grey sweatshirt or hoodie, and get a little more creative. With the right top and accessories, you can make your old grey sweats a little more versatile.

Go Tight

Create a balanced silhouette by pairing loose, grey sweatpants with a snug top that shows off your curves. For a simple, casual look, pair a form-fitting white T-shirt with your sweats and tennis shoes. Since grey is a neutral color, you can also rock a fitted graphic tee with multiple colors if you want a little more flair for your look. A fitted tank in a bold color like tangerine or turquoise works well with simple grey sweats when the weather’s warm. When the temperatures drop, wear your sweatpants with a fitted red Henley for a sporty look.

Go Cropped

Another way to balance the look of grey sweats is to pair them with a short top that doesn’t add any more volume to your lower body. Put a twist on the traditional sweat suit by pairing your sweatpants with a cropped grey sweatshirt -- get flirty by choosing an off-the-shoulder style and layering it over a tank or camisole with lacy straps. In warm weather, go for a similar look with a cropped black tee-- pair the look with gladiator sandals for a comfortable, casual look.

Go Comfy

Wearing your grey sweats with a big, cozy sweatshirt is definitely comfortable, but it’s not the most stylish look. If you want to maximize comfort and still look polished, pair grey, slim-cut sweats with a sweater instead of a sweatshirt. Go with a cobalt V-neck sweater or a black, chunky-knit, crew-neck style, and pair them with flat boots. If you really want a relaxed, low-key look, wear your sweats with a red boyfriend sweater and tennis shoes.

Go Unexpected

Grey sweatpants aren’t the most polished pants that you can opt for, but choosing a tailored pair and wearing them with unexpected tops can instantly dress them up. Pair your grey sweats with a white-fitted button-down, and tuck it in for a chic, put-together look -- add ballet flats, and you’re ready to go. For a more casual look, wear the sweatpants with a denim shirt. Choose a fitted style, or knot a larger shirt at the waist. Go edgy by layering a black leather jacket over a simple white tank top and pairing it with your sweats. Add black motorcycle-style boots and a chunky silver chain necklace to complete your outfit.

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