How to Select Shoes to Wear With Straight-Leg Pants (Women)

Change your shoes as you move from day to evening, casual to dressy. Straight-leg pants are perfect for many occasions.

Pair straight-leg pants with medium-heeled pumps or loafers for a classic office look.

Choose hose or thin nylon socks that match the color of your shoes to achieve a dressier look. The lighter the stocking, the more casual the look.

Dress up straight-leg cotton or nylon casual pants with quilted ballet slippers or flirty mules.

Opt for ankle boots during the winter months. Make sure your pants hang comfortably over the top. Since they may ride up when you sit down and cross your legs, choose socks that work well with the rest of your ensemble.

Go for canvas sneakers or walking shoes when you can dress down, but must stay on your feet or do a lot of running around.

Create the illusion of longer legs by matching your shoes to the color of your pants.

Remember that black is the dressiest color, while brown is viewed as more casual. Match the color of your belt to that of your shoes.