How to Keep Socks From Falling Down in Boots

Short socks or footies are popular when wearing sneakers, but when wearing boots, most people prefer to wear longer socks to act as a buffer between the inside of the boots and their legs. Many socks, though, have the tendency to fall down, inching their way down to the ankles and sometimes the toes. This annoying tendency is preventable with a good sock selection and a couple good habits.

Choose socks that have an elastic band. However, they should not be so tight that they can potentially cut off your circulation. The wider the elastic band, the more likely they will stay put. You can also try a garter if the socks do not have elastic.

Wear socks that fit snug around your calf. These form-fitting socks contain spandex and many athletic stores sell them to athletes such as hockey players who must wear socks that do not fall down.

Use a shirt garter that attaches to the bottom of your tucked-in shirt to the top of your socks. These are often available where uniforms are sold.

Pull the socks all the way up. If you bunch them, they will be more loose and more likely to fall down.

Try lifting your socks up and over the sides of your boots to prevent them from falling down.