How to Loosen Socks

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Tight socks can ruin a perfect day. They can create indentations around the calf and constrict circulation, causing the ankles to swell. Tight socks can irritate pre-existing leg conditions because the elastic in the sock is new and tight and meant to stay firm. Choosing good-fitting socks is the best solution but stretching the socks with heat and force also solves the problem. The best way to apply high heat is with an iron, hot water, a hot dryer or blow dryer.

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Apply heat to the socks for about 10 minutes with a hot dryer or iron, very hot water or blow dryer. Rubberized elastic changes its property when heated to high temperatures, which is why you'll have more success if you stretch the sock while it's warm.

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Stretch the socks around a big cup or another object that is similar to the size of your leg. As the elastic cools, the sock will take the shape of the object.

Remove the sock from the object when completely cooled.

Fold the pair of socks into each other to form a ball after cleaning as this will help keep socks loose.