Acrylic Vs. Cotton Socks

Don't want to wake up

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You always consider comfort, style, fit and wearability when choosing socks to complete your outfit. While both cotton and acrylic socks keep your feet covered in style and comfort, acrylic gives you the additional benefit of preventing moisture from accumulating. The day's activities and events can help you determine whether to choose natural fiber cotton socks or synthetic acrylics -- each has different properties.

Cool Cotton

Cotton is a natural fiber that can provide warmth and comfort, but it does breathe and keep your feet cool in the heat. It does not, however, have moisture-wicking qualities, and quickly absorbs sweat and becomes damp when enclosed in a shoe. Moist socks rubbing on wet skin can lead to blisters on your feet. Cotton socks are best for more sedate occasions when you won't be active enough to make your feet sweat.

Active in Acrylic

Acrylic sock fabrics can wick away moisture, and the acrylic does not stretch out as much as cotton fiber. This creates a snug fit to prevent chafing. The fiber technology used to make some acrylic socks gives you benefits that increase wear and comfort to keep your feet dry and healthy. Wear acrylic or acrylic blend socks for active days when you'll be exercising or otherwise very active.