Linen vs. Wool Blazer

Christopher Robbins/Digital Vision/Getty Images

When it comes to choosing a blazer, your first concern may be the color, but the material can make just as a big difference in how the jacket looks and feels. Wool is one of the most common textiles for a blazer, but a linen jacket has a classic look that can be very appealing too. However, when you are deciding between a wool and a linen blazer, it is not just a matter of appearance. Several factors should come into play when choosing between the two fabrics in order to look and feel good in your blazer all day long.


When choosing between a wool and a linen blazer, one consideration is style. Wool is a heavier material so it drapes strongly over the body, offering sleek lines. This results in a more formal, dressier look, that is appropriate for the office or events that require business attire. Linen is a lightweight fabric, which means it may hang with a more loose appearance on the body. As a result, a linen blazer can often have a casual, relaxed look that works well for more informal settings where a business casual look is appropriate.


The difference in weight between wool and linen blazers usually dictates which seasons each are best worn in. As a heavy fabric, wool can help keep you warm in the cooler months of fall and winter. On the other hand, lightweight, breathable linen is ideal when you want to stay cool during spring and summer. Keep in mind that some wool options can be worn year-round. Tropical wool is made from thin, light threads that result in a more lightweight jacket than other wools.

Weather Considerations

While the temperature can help you decide whether to wear a wool or linen blazer, other environmental factors can also play a role. In dry, warm weather, a linen blazer is an ideal option. However, even when hot out, you should avoid wearing linen when the forecast calls for rain. Spots from rain and moisture show up very clearly on linen, particularly if the blazer is a light color like ivory or tan. Instead, wear your wool blazer on days when you expect rain, since damp spots won’t show up as obviously on the heavier fabric, and by nature wool has water resistant properties.


While linen is appealing for its casual nature, it is also a material with low resilience, meaning it wrinkles and creases easily. You may want to avoid linen when you are traveling, and will be sitting in a car or on a place for long hours. On the other hand, the resilient fabric of a wool blazer does not wrinkle as readily, so you can look neat and polished all day no matter what you are doing.