Qualities of Crepe Wool Fabric

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Crepe wool is a thin fabric that pairs the classic elegance of wool with the the understated luxury of creping. Crepe refers to fabrics that have undergone treatment to produce a lasting, crisply textured crimped texture. Crepe is durable, elegant, lightweight and naturally water resistant, making it an intelligent choice for chic everyday clothing.

About Crepe Wool

Crepe wool is made most often from plain woven wool fabric. Thicker wool is used for heavier crepe, and finer wool for lighter-weight fabric. According to the Very Merry Seamstress, the texture of crepe wool can range from obviously crinkled to a moss-like texture to one that is sheer in character. When crepe wool is exposed to coloring, the color penetrates to the core of the fibers. Because of its wool base, crepe wool provides excellent insulation from cool conditions. It is also flame retardant and can hold water without feeling sodden.

Using Crepe Wool Fabric

Crepe wool fabrics can be used for a variety of items. However, finer, lighter crepe is best suited for smarter garments, including dresses, dress pants, dress shirts and suits. When fine, it drapes very well. Because crepe wool is naturally resistant to dirt and static, it works well for everyday wear, where a slightly more formal appearance is required. It is less well-suited for outerwear.

Caring for Crepe Wool Fabric

Crepe wool can be hand washed or dry cleaned. Never use bleach or hot water with your crepe wool items, as the heat and bleach can cause the fibers to yellow, become stiff or break down. Crepe wool should be hung to dry; the heat of a dryer can cause the fibers to shrink. Proper care will ensure that your crepe wool items last a long time, as wool is naturally durable.

Pairing Crepe Wools

Because of its classic elegance, crepe wool fabrics pair well with other simple, traditional items. While you can choose some statement pieces think a large brooch or a decorated purse -- keep your external items to a minimum. Understatement with accessories will help keep your outfit looking relaxed, yet sophisticated. Consider pairing a crepe wool dress with short heels, a minimalist handbag and a pair of large sunglasses or a hat. For something more casual, team a crepe wool blouse with a pair of skinny jeans and flats.