What Is Polyester Crepe Fabric?

Ever read a catalog description of a blouse, suit or dress and then scratch your head wondering what exactly polyester crepe is? You can buy with confidence when you understand more about this wonder fabric.


Polyester crepe refers to both the material and the weave of the fabric. Crepe is a tight weave and is used most often in wool, silk and synthetic fibers, like polyester.


Polyester crepe is considered to be a thin fabric, though not necessarily sheer. It has a slightly nubby texture (not visible to the naked eye) and a matte finish.


Polyester crepe doesn't pill, shrink or fade, keeping it new-looking for a long period of time. It also dries easily and resists wrinkles.


Because of its fluid drape and popularity as a four-season fabric, polyester crepe is often used in formal wear, skirts, blouses and suits.


Extend the life of your polyester crepe garments with professional dry-cleaning. If the care tag does not specify dry-clean only, wash your garment on the gentle cycle with cold water, then hang to dry.