Cashmere Allergies

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Cashmere is a fabric that most people enjoy because it’s so soft. You can find this fabric on sweaters, pants, scarves, gloves and other accessories. Some people are allergic to cashmere, but often it's preventable.


A cashmere allergy can originate two ways. An allergic reaction to baby cashmere goats or the moths who are attracted to sweaters in damp, dark closets could originate this allergy.


Symptoms of an allergic reaction include sneezing, sniffling, water eyes and a runny nose. When wearing cashmere, you may itch and break out in a rash.


Wash your cashmere frequently and vacuum your closet. Depending on the severity of your allergy, you may need medication and vaccinations.


Having a wool allergy doesn’t mean you will have a cashmere allergy. Sometimes, wool comes from merino sheep, hence the name, merino wool. It doesn’t mean that you’re allergic to goat’s milk either.


If you feel that you’re allergic to cashmere, opt for a sweater that has acrylic in it. It feels like a cashmere sweater, but it doesn’t wash and wear like one.