How to Not Get Holes in silk cashmere sweater

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

Silk cashmere sweater is one of the finest pieces of clothing in a person's closet. These items combine the softness of fine silk and warmth of the wool from sheep. However, it is very prone to moth damage since moths love to eat silk and cashmere. The holes the moths leave will make the sweater unwearable. The only way to avoid this is to properly care for the sweater.

Do not hang the sweater in your closet where moths can get to it. They will go for the silk before other clothes. Cashmere clothes should be kept on a shelf, not hung in a closet.

Keep the sweater clean; moths are more likely to eat something dirty.

Place a few moth balls in a small plastic bag. Seal the bag, but poke several small holes in it with a needle.

Place the sweater and the small plastic bag with moth balls in a larger bag. Seal the opening.

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