What Is Cognac Leather?

Cognac leather refers to the color of the leather rather than a brand name. Cognac leather derives its name from brandy, also known as cognac, which is amber or golden colored and gradually darkens with age.


Cognac leather gets its color during the dyeing process. Irregularities are removed from the leather and it is separated into color batches. The shades of cognac leather goods vary depending on the dye used. Darker dyes will be used for goods designed to resemble aged cognac brandy.


Cognac is a popular color choice for handbags, briefcases, boots, sofas and wallets because it is both sophisticated and vibrant. It works well with earth tones, ivory and neutral colors.


Cognac-colored leather is luxurious but understated, which makes it a common choice for professionals and others who want an alternative to black but don’t want a color that is too audacious.