Uses for Shoe Polish

Image by, courtesy of Beverly

Although many people are familiar with the conventional use of shoe polish to shine leather shoes and boots, there are also a few unconventional uses of shoe polish that many people are unaware of. Shoe polish can be used to stain and shine more than just your shoes.


Shoe polish is either a waxy paste or creamy liquid applied directly to leather shoes and boots. The shoe polish restores the natural appearance of the leather, gives it a waterproof finish and adds shine to the leather.

Shoe Shine

Shining your shoes with shoe polish is a simple and effective way of extending their life and preserving their natural appearance. Wax shoe polish provides a heavier shine and waterproofs the shoes, but liquid shoe polish tends to be easier to apply.

Furniture Shine

In addition to shining shoes, shoe polish can also be used to shine wood furniture and cover up any nicks in the wood. Simply apply a small dot of wax shoe polish to the piece and use a soft cotton cloth to buff it into the wood as you would with a pair of shoes.

Furniture Stain

Shoe polish can also be used to stain wood furniture, although this method takes quite a bit of time. Brown shoe polish will leave walnut finish, cordovan polish will look similar to mahogany and tan shoe polish will provide a light maple finish.


Whether you are using shoe polish to shine and stain your shoes or furniture, it is important that you allow the polish to dry completely after application. Rubbing against the surface while the shoe polish is still wet will cause the polish to rub off, and the shoe polish will need to be reapplied.