How to Make Simple Indian Moccasins

native american image by Joy Fera from

Native American moccasins come in all shapes, sizes and colors. They can be used for costumes, cultural events or just for a fashion statement. Moccasins are one of the most comfortable types of shoes to wear. While it takes a certain level of skill to make elaborate moccasins, a simple pair of moccasins can be sewn by anybody with basic sewing skills. After the task of making a simple pair of moccasins is mastered, more detail can be added, if desired.

Place the left foot directly on top of a piece of suede. Trace around the foot with a piece of chalk, adding 1 inch all around for seam allowance.

Cut along the chalk lines of the fabric. The resulting fabric piece will be the sole of the shoe.

Cut out two pieces of suede that are each 3 inches wide and as long as the side of the sole of the shoe. Sew these side pieces to each side of the sole.

Cut a piece of fabric that is 5 inches long and 3 inches wide. Sew this piece to the back of the sole, curving one of the 5-inch edges to match the curve of the heel of the shoe.

Cut out a semicircular piece of suede that is 5 inches wide at the base and 3 inches tall in the middle. This will form the toe of the shoe.

Sew the semicircular piece of suede to the front of the shoe, matching up the curve of the semicircle with the curve of the front of the sole.

Fold over the raw edges of the shoe 1/4 inch and sew the fold in place. Turn the moccasin right side out and repeat the whole process with the other shoe.