How to Make Mens Moccasin Boots

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Moccasins have been an appealing form of footwear for centuries. These shoes began as a necessity for comfort and protection in Native American cultures ( and are now a fashionable comfort for men and women across many different cultures. Moccasin shoes are a popular house slipper for men, but moccasin boots are better for every day, outdoor use. Making moccasin boots, or shoes of varying heights is possible if you have a little time and patience.

Moccasin Boots

Purchase enough square footage of leather to cover the bottoms, top and sides of your moccasin boot pattern for your foot size. Trace the moccasin pattern for your foot size onto the leather and cut the leather pattern pieces-try to use the most stretchy portion of leather for the part of your moccasin boot that will cover the top of your foot. Cut one layer of thickness at a time.

Purchase enough lining of fur or fleece to cover the interior of your moccasin boot pattern. Trace the lining moccasin pattern for your foot size onto the fur or fleece and cut the pattern pieces. You can cut two layers of this material at a time.

Follow the pattern to sew the leather by hand with your leather needle and artificial sinew or embroidery thread using a whip or overcast stitch. You can also use a running stitch. Sew the pattern pieces together, inside out with stitches about 1/8" apart and knot the beginning and end of the seams. Turn the material right side out when all pieces are attached.

Place the soft lining around your foot and slide your foot into your sewn moccasin boot. Cut away any extra lining you don't want that protrudes from the top of the boot and baste the fur or fleece to the inside of the moccasin boot with your basting spray.

Sew your Rubber, Stroud or Melton sole to the bottom of the moccasin boot and use your leather punch to punch holes for your laces to be thread through.