How to Make Sheepskin Booties

Baby feet image by Platinum Pictures from

Booties are the preferred way to cover a baby's feet when they are too little to walk. Creating sheepskin booties is an effective way to keep the child's feet warm during cold seasons. By using one of your baby's socks as a template, you can easily create sheepskin booties.

Lay sock flat on a piece of paper and outline the edges with a pencil. This will indicate the space needed for the foot to fit comfortably inside the booties.

Measure out 1-inch in each direction around the sock outline to create enough space for sewing and movement. Trace the 1-inch larger outline of the sock. Cut the template from the paper with scissors.

Trace the outline to the inside of the four pieces of the sheepskin. This will create two sides for each bootie.

Cut the tracing from the sheepskin using the scissors. Go slowly to avoid tearing the sheep skin or going off the traced lines.

Place two pieces of sheep skin together with the outside facing in and place straight pins along the edges to hold in place.

Line sheepskin sections in the sewing machine and sew along the outer edges. Avoid sewing along the top edge as this will be the access point for the foot. Remove booties from sewing machine when finished.

Remove straight pins from the sheepskin, and turn the booties inside out so the outsides are now facing outward. Slide booties onto feet.