A Knee Length Skirt Goes With What Type of Boots?

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Pairing your knee-length skirts with boots helps you to transition your wardrobe from summer into fall and winter. Finding the right pair of boots for this length of skirt can be a tricky task. In general, you'll want to ensure that you leave a bit of space between the hem of your skirt and the top of your boots to avoid looking dowdy.

High-Heeled Boots

A boot with a heel of 3 inches or higher elongates your legs and makes your figure appear leaner. This style works particularly well with knee-length skirts, because this length can cut off the line of your leg and make you appear a bit shorter. Choose a boot style in a texture different from the material of your skirt to add dimension to your look. For instance, if your skirt is suede, wear it with a leather boot.

Wellington Boots for the Weather

Perhaps the most practical type of boots, Wellingtons -- also referred to as "wellies" -- will keep your legs warm and dry during cold or wet weather. When wearing a skirt, you'll need this protection from the elements. Because wellies typically provide full calf coverage, your knee-length skirt will skim the top of the boots, providing ample coverage on days when the weather forecast is grim.

Cute Ankle Boots

Best for a knee-length skirt that's loose-fitting and fluid, short ankle boots create a casual, relaxed outfit. During the warmer months, wear ankle boots with bare legs. During the colder months, wear them with opaque hosiery. You could also wear a short trouser-style sock with an ankle boot, letting the sock peek out from the top -- just be sure the sock does not bunch or slouch to avoid looking unkempt.

Energetic Equestrian Boots

The equestrian boot, also referred to as a riding boot, is tomboyish by nature. Thanks to its sporty look, this style of boot can transform a ladylike knee-length skirt from dressy to edgy. Try a boot that has brass or gold hardware, such as buckles, ito maintain a feminine look. This pairing is particularly useful when you're looking to dress your skirt down for an informal or casual occasion.