How to Shine Shoes With a Lighter

Pedro Simão

Shining shoes with a lighter provides a superior finish and is often used by military personnel to get that inspection-grade shine. Using a lighter to ignite the shoe polish makes it much easier to work with and helps it seep into the leather, resulting in a shine you can see your face in. Use this easy method to shine shoes with a lighter.

Lay newspaper out over your work area. Remove the laces from the shoes and remove any dirt or debris using the shoe brush. Wipe them down again using a water-dampened rag.

Open the shoe polish and ignite the contents using a lighter. Allow the flame to cover the surface area of the polish, and then replace the lid, extinguishing the fire. Reopen the shoe polish and dab it up using a separate, clean rag.

Apply the melted shoe polish in a small, circular motion to a portion of the shoe. Sprinkle water on the small circle of polish, and then apply another layer on the same area.

Repeat this process for the entire surface area of the shoe. Ensure that all crevices and creases are polished. After the entire shoe has been polished, repeat all steps several times, until the shoes have a bright, shiny finish.

Brush the entire shoe lightly with the brush to enhance the shine. Run the laces back through the shoes, and allow them to dry for up to an hour in a cool place.