How to Wash SmartWool Socks

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SmartWool socks are manufactured to fit into an activewear wardrobe, while still suiting the day to day. They are made of Merino wool that regulates body temperature and wicks away sweat. Styles range from a classic gray wool blend to a slimmer fit with various patterns. SmartWool doesn't cause itchiness or irritation, a common complaint brought on by traditional wool socks. Wash your SmartWool socks at home with care to boost their comfort and effectiveness.

Turn your SmartWool socks inside out. Flipping them inside out will help to preserve the texture of the wool while thoroughly cleansing the interior, which absorbs the most sweat.

Place your SmartWool socks in the washing machine. Add a gentle, bleach-free detergent to the machine. Choose a delicate setting and use either cold or warm water depending on your preferences. Allow the socks to run through the wash cycle.

Place the socks into the dryer and adjust the dryer to low heat. Allow the socks to tumble dry. Remove them from the dryer, and flip them right side out again.