What Does it Mean When People Wear Double Nike Socks?

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When people wear double Nike socks, it means they wear two pairs of athletic socks when they play sports, especially lacrosse, soccer and basketball. Some people even wear double socks outside of sports to continue the trend. While wearing double Nike socks can be hot, the brand features Dri-FIT technology that wicks the sweat away from your legs as well as extra cushioning. Wearing two pairs of Nike socks may make the foot less susceptible to injuries.


Tall Nike socks doubled up offer more protection as well as more cushioning. When people wear double Nike socks, they often do it to keep shin guards from rubbing or to add more padding between their body and a lacrosse stick or another player's cleats. Nike is a popular brand because it offers extra cushion and quick-drying material.

Tighter Cleats

Leather athletic shoes stretch as they become broken in. A new, tight-fitting shoe becomes looser with more wear. Some athletes double up on their socks to make their cleats tighter instead of purchasing new cleats every few months. Adding double Nike socks, which often feature thicker foot areas, can make old cleats feel new again.

Fashion Trend

Double Nike socks tell other people that you are an athlete; the look is part of a growing trend. Many people put a longer pair of Nike socks on first, then a shorter pair over the top to give it a layered look. The double Nike logos are more noticeable when paired together, and some people even choose socks with different colored logos. When you're not playing sports, pull the socks down slightly and bunch them up for an alternative look.

Brand Recognition

While sports enthusiasts can layer any brand of athletic socks, many choose Nike because they like the brand and support their products. They also like how the double Nike logos look on their legs. When people wear double Nike socks, they are expressing their support for the brand.