The Advantages of Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are the comfortable undergarment choice for the fashionable man on the go. They are sold in a variety of colors, styles, sizes and materials to work with almost any outfit or style. Boxers loose fit around the legs lets in air to keep testes cool, increasing a man's fertility. A pair of boxers can also be worn to bed as comfortable and stylish sleepwear.


For many boxer-wearing men the choice is simply one of comfort. The looser fit of boxer shorts provides the wearer with more freedom of movement than more constrictive undergarments. When worn in conjunction with loose fitting pants or shorts, boxers can allow for cooling airflow on a hot day. For active sports like running a man may require more support for his genitals, but for everyday activities boxer shorts may be all the coverage you need. A lightweight pair of boxer shorts can make you feel like you are wearing nothing at all.

Fashion Prints

Boxer shorts are sold in a variety of prints and patterns to match any outfit. The fashionable male will take advantage of these options and match undergarments to a shirt, pants or hat. Then they will expose the upper portion of their boxers waistband by wearing low rise jeans to show off a matching color, print or pattern. Boxers are made with patterns of everything from cartoon characters to motorcycles. Every man can find something to represent his favorite hobby or pastime.

Material Variety

Boxer shorts are made from many different materials. Most briefs are made of cotton or a cotton-Spandex blend. Boxer shorts can be made of cotton, silk, polyester satin, merino wool, and even woven hemp and bamboo fiber. This allows a man to choose the material that best suits his individual needs. In hotter climates the more breathable cotton blends may be the best choice. In a colder climate the more insulating wool and flannel varieties are good options.

Sperm Production

Doctors agree that keeping the testes cooler can allow for more sperm production. Loose fitting pants or shorts in conjunction with boxer shorts can increase cooling air circulation. This clothing change can take up to a couple weeks to show any actual improvement in sperm count. Some boxers that are specially made for men wanting to increase their potency have a pocket in the front to hold an ice pack for even lower temperatures.


Boxer shorts with a front closure are more socially acceptable as sleepwear than briefs. Men tend to be more comfortable being seen in boxer shorts than in "tighty-whities." Boxers have more fabric and provide for more coverage in front and back. They also don't cling to the body like briefs. This provides for a more modest silhouette that doesn't show every last curve and detail. This day-to-night wear versatility means there is no need to change into pajamas and makes for less dirty laundry.