How to Wear Pantyhose or Tights for Warmth

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Pantyhose and tights, or hosiery, are a common clothing accessory for girls and women. But today even boys and men are wearing these garments for warmth. Hosiery cover more of the body than socks. They cover the feet, legs, thighs, hips and buttocks. Because more of the body gets covered, pantyhose and tights are also good for keeping a person warm. These days hosiery comes in a variety of fabrics, colors and patterns. Another advantage is that they are less bulky than long johns. This means you can wear other types of clothing with them to create layers for warmth in cold weather.

Buy pantyhose or tights in your size. Purchase tights made of wool or the thickest form of pantyhose you can find, to provide warmth. Wool hosiery are harder to find, but they are available online or in specialty stores.

Put on the pantyhose or tights. Bunch the hose in your hands until you reach the foot of the hose, then put one foot in and work the hose gradually up the leg to the knee; repeat with the other foot. Then pull the pantyhose or tights up past the thigh and over the hips.

Put on wool or thick socks over the pantyhose or tights. Wearing socks adds another layer of warmth for your feet.

Put pants on over the pantyhose or tights and/or socks. For extra warmth, the pants should be made of wool or wool-blend material. The more layers you wear, the warmer you’ll be.