How to Put On Seamless Pantyhose

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Putting on a pair of pantyhose may seem like a no-brainer, but the many rips, holes and tears women put in brand new pairs prove otherwise. Pulling on hose is a delicate process that too many women rush through in an effort to get out the door on time. Seamless hose are even more hazardous because there are no seams to reinforce the material. Before you add another casualty to the trash can, slow down and treat your hose like the delicate lingerie that they are.

Step 1

Open a bottle of lotion and squeeze out 1 tablespoon into your hand. Massage the lotion over each of your legs from thigh to ankle, using more lotion if needed.

Step 2

Squeeze out another tablespoon of lotion and rub it over each of your feet, making sure to cover the soles and ankles thoroughly.

Step 3

Remove all rings and bracelets so that they do not accidentally snag your seamless hose.

Step 4

Put on a pair of cotton gloves, which will help your hands flow better over the delicate hosiery fabric. In addition, the gloves prevent any irregularities in your fingernails from snagging your pantyhose.

Step 5

Sit down on a chair or the side of a bed. Pick up the hose and gather one leg all the way from the top to the bottom. Place your thumbs inside the toe area while holding the outside firmly with the fingers of both hands.

Step 6

Curl your toes under slightly to prevent your toenails from snagging the fabric and then slip the end of the hose over your toe. Pull the pantyhose up over your ankle.

Step 7

Gather the other leg of the seamless hose. Curl the toes of your other foot and slip the hose over your toe area and up your ankle.

Step 8

Stand up and gently pull up each leg of the hose 4 to 5 inches at a time, alternating legs until the pantyhose are all the way up.

Step 9

Turn on a faucet and dampen your hands with water. Shake off the excess water then place your hands on either side of one ankle. Pull your hands upward while applying gentle pressure to help pull the hose upward until they no longer feel tight. Repeat for the other leg.