How to Put on Fishnet Stockings

Fishnet stockings need to be put on very carefully so that they don't rip. They are harder to put on then regular stockings because of the small holes in them. Getting them on without ripping htem can be quite easy if you know the correct way to do it.

How to put on fishnet stockings

Start out by grabbing the top of the right leg of the stockings. Put your left hand on the outside crotch area of the stockings leaving your left thumb on the inside of the stockings. Use your right hand to grab the outside of the right side of the stockings on the right leg. Put your right thumb on the inside of the stockings.

Now instead of keeping your fingers that are on the outside of the stockings straight, curl your fingers so that the side of your pointer fingers that touch your thumbs are flat on the stockings. Act as though you're walking with your fingers and walk your way down to the stockings feet. Keeping your fingers in the position described above, reach down with the side of your pointer fingers, grab a bunch of stocking below your fingers and carefully pull it upwards in a bunch. Do this with each hand until all of the fabric on the right stocking leg is bunched together. Slip your fight foot into the stocking. Slowly begin to release a bunch of fabric as you work your way up your leg with your stocking.

Repeat step two with the left leg. When you get the stockings of both legs pulled up to the top of your thighs, position your left hand on the left side of the top of the stockings and put your right hand on the left side of the top of the stockings in the position that you had your hands when you were pulling the stockings up. Pull the stockings up to your waist.

Using your palms, even out any remaining bunches that are in the stockings on your legs.