How to Apply Hand Lotion

Several people stacking hands on top of each other, overhead view

Thomas Northcut/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Soft, smooth hands not only look good, they feel good. If your hands are overly dry, the skin can crack, itch and turn red, leaving you with raw, inflamed knuckles that can be embarrassingly unattractive as well as painful. Applying hand lotion at least twice per day -- more in dry weather or if you wash your hands frequently -- will help keep your hands looking younger, softer and healthier, and prevent the discomfort of chapped skin.

Wash your hands with gentle hand soap. Pat them dry on a clean towel.

Take off your rings, or turn them so any stones are facing away from the backs of your hands.

Apply a pea-sized dab of lotion to the back of one hand.

Press the backs of your hands together to spread the lotion evenly.

Rub the lotion into your left hand, paying special attention to your knuckles and any especially dry areas. Repeat on your right hand.

Blot any excess lotion off your palms with a towel.