How to Remove a Tongue Ring

A tongue ring or piercing can make a statement about your personality. However, once you have a tongue ring it's important to make sure that it is cleaned and removed properly. Follow these simple instructions for removing your tongue ring.

Wash your hands thoroughly before removing your tongue ring to prevent germs from transferring from you hands to your mouth.

Stick your tongue out as far as you can and grab the bottom ball/bead of your tongue ring. Stand in front of a mirror in order to get a better view of what you are doing.

Grab the top ball/bead of the tongue ring while still holding the bottom to make sure you have a good grip.

Twist the bottom ball/bead counter-clockwise until it is completely unscrewed. If necessary, dry the tongue ring with a towel to get a good grip.

Pull up on the jewelry until it is completely removed from your tongue. Be gentle so the threads on the jewelry do not scrape your tongue.