How to Take Out a Nose Ring With a Ball

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Nose rings with a ball are also known as captive bead nose rings. This type of jewelry features an O-shaped metal ring with a spherical bead. The bead hides the breach, or gap, in the nose ring. To remove the nose ring, you must first remove the ball. If your piercing is fresh, still healing or appears infected, do not attempt to remove your nose ring yourself as this may cause further complications. Instead, rely on the aid of a health provider or a reputable piercing parlor.

Wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap. Any dirt or bacteria on your hands may be transferred to your piercing and lead to an infection.

Dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and dab the end of the swab on your piercing. Make sure to clean the entire area, including the site of the piercing and the nose ring itself. This will disinfect the area and help prevent infection.

Pinch the nose ring tightly with two fingers from one hand to keep it steady.

Gently begin to pull on the captive bead with your other hand. The bead should pop free of the ring immediately. If you find that an uncomfortable amount of pressure is required, or if your piercing begins to hurt as a result of your tugging, stop immediately and loosen the ring.

Wrap a pair of needle nose pliers with medical tape. The medical tape will help protect the nose ring from scratching. Scratches on the metal will not only look unattractive, but they will also harbor bacteria.

Insert the pliers in the middle of the ring and gently pry the ring open. It should not take much of an opening for the bead to come free. Alternate between tugging on the bead and prying the ring open gradually until the bead finally frees itself.

Rotate the ring so that the breach lines up with the piercing in your nose. If the breach is not large enough to fit easily out of your piercing, continue to pry the ring open with your pliers.