How to Wear a Nose Hoop

A nose piercing may take as long as 8 to 10 weeks to heal, and tends to close up very quickly if you take the hoop out. Piercings are done with either studs or hoops, usually called rings. You also can switch from one to the other. There are two general types of nose hoops: open hoops, which look like full hoops but actually have a small gap to accommodate the flesh of your nostril, and captive bead hoops, which have a small bead held in place by the tension of the wire sides.

If you are wearing a captive bead design, insert the nose hoop by opening it with a pair of ring openers and putting the bead aside in a safe place. If you’re using an open hoop, this step is not necessary.

If you are using an open hoop, insert the narrow end of the hoop into your nostril and carefully slide it out through the piercing. Adjust the angle a bit or gently prod it through the hole if necessary, but do not force it. If you feel like you have to “re-open” the piercing or apply force, stop trying to put the ring in and see a piercing professional.

Rotate the open hoop nose ring through the piercing until the flat end is against the piercing on the inside of your nostril. If you’re wearing a captive bead hoop, go on to the next step.

Rotate the hoop until the space for the bead is on the outside of your nostril. Hold the hoop stable with one hand while you carefully press the bead into place with the other; it should snap into place with just a bit of force, with the dimples trapped between the wire ends of the hoop.

Touch your nose piercing only when necessary to clean it; playing with it greatly increases your chances of infection. Remove it at night only when the piercing has fully healed.

Take your nose hoop out if you’re engaging in any physical activities--such as martial arts, climbing or dance--that might offer an opportunity for it to snag and tear out.