How to Remove Pierced Earrings From Your Ear

by Traci Joy ; Updated July 18, 2017

Jennifer Haggerty/Demand Media

Though you can easily remove most pierced earrings, in some instances what should be a simple task becomes difficult. If the earrings have been in for some time, or if they are beginner earrings used for the first piercing, removal can take some extra effort. Removing earrings properly will help ensure that your ears do not become infected or tear.

Remove First Studs

Wash your hands with soap and water. This helps prevent the spread of germs and lowers the risk of infection.

Place hydrogen peroxide on a cotton swab and apply it around the earring post, the back and on the earring itself. Keeping the earring and ear area clean will help prevent bacteria from getting into the open piercing site, especially if the piercing is new.

Hold the front of the earring between your fingers and roll it around in your ear to make sure it's loose and ready to be removed when the back is off the post. Roll the earrings in the ear, especially in newly pierced ears, two or three times daily.

Grasp the back of the earring with your other hand while you continue to hold the front of the earring.

Gently wiggle the earring up and down and side to side. The back of piercing studs used to initially pierce the ear are notched, which makes them more difficult to remove. This design is a safety feature, so the earrings don't fall off while the hole is being formed.

Pull the back away from the ear and off the stud. If it does not budge, repeat the process.

Remove Hoop Earrings

Wash your hands with soap and water to remove germs and bacteria.

Use two fingers to gently pull the hoop apart at the connection, making the distance between the ends wide enough to pull it off your ear without tearing the ear. Skip this step if your earring has a snap connection.

Hold the earring steady with one hand, and with the other hand use your thumb to lift up on the end of the snap post that fastens the earring. Once it is open, pull the earring out and away from the ear.